Business Japanese Program

Business Japanese Presentation Sample Course Plans
To foster effective sales presentation and persuasion skills in Japanese.
Introductions-greeting customers
Presenting an overview of your business
Listening to clients’ needs
Explaining your services
Initial presentation
Facilitating questions/answers
Making proposal
Closing the deal
Course Structure
Vocabulary and expressions that are often used in business presentations will be introduced.
Presentation making and role-playing based on specific situations defining the relationships of the speakers.
Presentations will be recorded and corrected on accuracy of expressions, keigo, and pronunciation/intonation.
Students will be expected to spend time studying kanji and vocabulary themselves and will have a short quiz in each lesson.
Final presentation will be video recorded.
“Talking Business in Japanese” (Business Japanese Forum)
We encourage you to bring your own materials.
Higher than level 3 and equivalent of taking level 2 of the Japanese Proficiency Test (Nihongo nooryoku kentei). Knowledge of more than 800 kanji.