Business Japanese Program

Basic Level Sample Course Plans
Current Level
Course Objectives
1. To learn common expressions necessary for daily conversation. This also includes becoming familiar with how Japanese expressions change based on context.
2. Through this course, students will be expected to be able to conduct simple conversations in the following areas;

• Greetings
• Self-introduction
• Making telephone calls
• Making a purchase at a shop
• Ordering at a restaurant
• Taking a taxi
• At a post office, at a bank
• Asking directions
• Making appointments
• Offering and accepting invitations
• At a doctor
• Expressing simple emotions and opinions
3. To understand and use approximately 60 sentence structures
4. To be able to read and write Katakana and Hiragana(100 letters total)
5. To acquire knowledge about Japanese culture and custom
Conversation practice to increase fluency and effectiveness through role- play.
We will cover areas and topics for the students’ specific needs.
Sample lesson (90 minutes)
Free-talk for warming up 10 minutes
Review of the previous lesson 10 minutes
Presentation of new concepts 40 minutes
Oral practice/Listening exercise 10 minutes
Role-play 10 minutes
*Students will engage in challenging activities that require them to use their Japanese in simulated situations, for example, role-playing at a restaurant or asking directions.
Course Materials
“Japanese for busy people 1,2” (grammar notes)
Visual aids (flash cards, pictures, actual materials such as restaurant menus, maps, etc.)
We encourage you to bring your own materials if desired.
Expected number of lesson hours
100 hours < 1hour x 100 times>
We recommend taking 1.5-2 hour lesson twice a week.
Ms. Seiko UNO
Seiko Uno received her B.A. in English Literature from Doshisha University.
Upon graduation, she worked for Itoochuu Co.Ltd., one of the biggest trading company in Japan for four years. She became a certified teacher of Japanese in 1993, and went to the US to teach. She earned her M.A. in teaching Japanese at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1998. She taught Japanese as an instructor at Duke University for three years, and returned to Japan in June,

Miho Onishi graduated with a degree in law from Seikei University.
Upon graduating, she worked for Mitsubishi Jushi Co.Ltd., for five years. She earned her certification as a Japanese language instructor in 1998. In 2000, she went to Toronto where she studied English and business at the International Language Academy of Canada.
Upon returning to Japan, she began work as a Japanese language instructor utilizing her experience living abroad and international business.
The lesson is available 8:00-20:00 Monday to Saturday

No charge for cancellation by 17:00 on the day before the lesson. In case the lesson is scheduled for Monday, cancellation will not be accepted if it is made after 5 pm on Friday of the preceding week.
To make a cancellation or change, you can let the instructor know directly or call People Focus Consulting (03-5771-7071). You can also contact us by e-mail ( ). In this case, please send the mail by 15:00 on the day before the lesson, and make sure that you receive the confirmation e-mail from us by 17:00 the same day.

Please discuss with your instructor if you want to reschedule lessons.