Business Japanese Program

Intermediate Level Sample Course Plans
Current Level
Intermediate level in speaking and listening
700 kanji for recognizing
Course Objectives
In order to communicate fluently with colleagues, clients, and friends, the objectives of this program include
To review, reinforce, and expand of grammar skills
To expand of the knowledge of vocabulary, and expressions
To develop of the ability to read authentic materials and discuss the content
To expand of the ability to function in Japanese in various social settings
To develop of presentation and/or negotiation skills
Business conversation/presentation/negotiation practice to increase fluency and effectiveness in dialogues.
Vocabulary, idioms, and expressions that are often used in business conversations will be introduced.
Conversation and discussion will be recorded and analyzed with the student to identify areas of improvement
Reading short articles from newspapers, magazines, or internet to increase expressions and vocabulary. Discussions based on the topics.
Expressing your opinion
Asking and answering questions
Listening to clients’ needs
Negotiation skills
Making proposals
Sample lesson (60 minutes)
Free-talk for warming up 10 minutes
Review of the previous lesson 5 minutes
Presentation of new concepts 20 minutes
Oral practice/Listening exercise 10 minutes
Role-play* 15 minutes
*Students will engage in challenging activities that require them to use their Japanese in simulated situations, for example, role-playing at a restaurant or asking directions.
Course Materials
Talking Business in Japanese, The Japan Times
Authentic materials including articles from various sources
We encourage you to bring your own materials if you desired
Expected number of lesson hours
200 hours < 1hour x 200 times>
Ms. Sachiyo KANEKO
Sachiyo Kaneko received her B.A. in Western Civilization from Musashi University. Following her graduation, Ms. Kaneko joined Yamaichi Securities and worked for 9 years as a certified security advisor. She left Yamaichi in 1996 to follow her husband to Belgium where he was sent on assignment. She has a working knowledge both French and English. In 2000, she earned her certification as a Japanese language instructor. She brings to the classroom a unique balance of both her business and international experience.

Shiho Watanabe received her B. A. in International relationship from Tsudajuku
University. Following graduation, Ms. Watanabe joined Fujikura, and worked in HR division. She organized a lot of training for her company.
During her years in the business world, Ms. Watanabe became to have interests in communicating with people all over the world.
In 2001 she went to London to become a certified Japanese instructor and now she joined PFC.
The lesson is available 8:00-20:00 Monday to Saturday
No charge for cancellation by 17:00 on the day before the lesson. In case the lesson is scheduled for Monday, cancellation will not be accepted if it is made after 5 pm on Friday of the preceding week.
To make a cancellation or change, you can let the instructor know directly or call People Focus Consulting (03-5771-7071). You can also contact us by e-mail ( In this case, please send the mail by 15:00 on the day before the lesson, and make sure that you receive the confirmation e-mail from us by 17:00 the same day.
Please discuss with your instructor if you want to reschedule lessons.