Business Japanese Program

Orientation Program for Newcomers Sample Course Plans
1.30 hour “Japanese for New Assignees” program
This program is designed to gain an entry-level capability to speak survival Japanese. Essential Japanese phrases in business settings are covered, as well as basic grammar and introduction to the Japanese writing system.
Basic Japanese knowledge
Characteristics of Japanese grammar
Writing system
Meeting and business card exchange
Self introductions
Signs in daily life
Writing your name in Japanese
Basic daily vocabulary
Basic business vocabulary related to clients’ business
Pronouncing English Japanese style
Time and numbers
Expressions and grammar
Ordering at a restaurant
Asking directions
Taking a taxi
Making telephone calls
Requests and orders at office
Asking permission
Expressing emotions and opinions
We also have a 100 hour Business Japanese Course which includes Business Japanese with clients and co-workers, keigo (the honorific form), vocabulary and expressions related to your business. Please contact us for further information.
2.12 hour “Living in Japan” Orientation
In addition to Japanese language lessons, this program focuses on acquiring basic knowledge for living in Japan. Practical everyday essentials such as banking and taking public transportation, as well as characteristics of Japanese society and culture are discussed.
Protocol, etiquette, and Do’s and Don’ts
Areas in Tokyo
Post office, bank and telephone services
Official services and information provided in Englishs
How to deal with emergencies (fire, earthquakes, sickness, etc)
Commodity price and shopping tips
Annual Japanese functions and ceremonies
Current trends in Japanese society and culture
Tokyo one-day trip with instructor
Excursions from Tokyo
Japanese management practices <for new assignees>
Business customs <for new assignees>
Industry trends <for new assignees>
Japanese entertainment (karaoke, game center, pachinko etc.) <for families>
Sports (Sumo, baseball, football etc.) <for families>
Introduction of Japanese culture (tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, etc.) <for families>
Japanese education system <for families>