Nihongo Quick Check
Why PFC?
Proficiency-Oriented Approach
 Our focus is on using Japanese in real life situations. Key elements of our lessons include: situational conversations, role-playing, and discussions. We also offer management training programs, which enable us to provide rich and up-to-date content for our Japanese language curriculum. Experience our interactive teaching method with our Free Trial Lesson.
Custom-made Curriculum
We carefully consider a variety of students’ leaning styles in designing a course of study. Even if you only have a short period of time, our custom-made curriculum will help you get the most out of it. See some sample course plans.
Qualified and Experienced Instructors
P.F.C. instructors bring a wealth of professional, teaching and life experience to the classroom.
Effective Evaluation System
Our proprietary proficiency test, the CJPT, allows students to monitor their progress and identify improvement areas among 32 assessment criteria.
We also conduct regular evaluations of our instructors and classes continuously to update lesson content and improve teaching methods.
Excellent Track Record
We have a long list of satisfied clients including many major international firms.
PFC's Japanese Language division is a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the language of the ever-changing and diverse Japanese business world.
Through teamwork and a collaborative learning process, we will leverage this knowledge to develop the communication skills of today's global leaders.