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Chad Chesney

I've taken weekly lessons with PFC for the last 3 months while on a business assignment in Japan. In this short time I am now able to have basic conversations in Japanese with my staff members and my customers which has strengthed our business and personal relationships more than if I had only spoken English. My teacher, Matsumoto-san, customized my lessons to the business and personal situations I frequently encountered in Japan. This helped me put Japanese into practice much sooner than going staight through a textbook because I was taught the grammer, words, and phrases in the order that I needed to know them. PFC also provided lessons for my wife and young children which helped them immensely when navigating Tokyo. PFC exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them highly.

Nora Tucker

I have been very happy with my experience with PFC. My teacher, Matsumoto-san, lets me set my own personal language goals and then helps me to achieve these goals by setting the necessary pace of the lessons and supporting me along the way. In addition to teaching me the Japanese vocabulary and style I will need to use in my day-to-day activities, she helps me to learn the Japanese culture and customs around me. If she doesn't know the answer to one of my questions, she always researches the topic and responds to me the following week, even if my question was completely outside the scope of the lesson. If you are looking for a friendly, supportive environment in which to reach your own personal goals with respect to learning Japanese, I highly recommend contacting PFC.

Ms. Tucker (left)
Mr. Chesney (center)
Matsumoto (right/Instructor)
Oren Ilan

I got recommendation from friends about this school. I am learning in PFC for 1 and a half year now. Personally I love to learn languages, and I enjoy my Japanese lessons in PFC very much. My teacher Itabashi san is dedicated, knowledgeable, and fun. During the first year with an average of 1-2 hours a week and homework, I was able to pick up 'day to day' Japanese and use it right away. I learn at my own pace, according to my schedule which changes due to travel and work. Grammar points are well explained and exercised. Through the Japanese lessons I have come to learn a lot about the culture of Japan as well. The learning environment is very good. This year with 2 lessons a week, I try and speak only Japanese in my work environment. Recently my wife joined as well to get private lesson in this school. Once in a while there is also school fun activity for the students, where you can meet new friends and practice your Japanese some more. PFC definitely answered my expectations and much more.

Mr. Oren

I have been learning Japanese at PY for almost 4 years, and I have to say that it is a great experience to me : 1 lesson per week makes me feel always in progress and motivated. I am lucky enough to have private lessons (not in group), so I can ask freely the meaning of some expressions I hear, even though they are sometimes rather casual. In addition to my progresses in oral conversation, this moment represents for me a fun and interactive moment every week, a moment that helps to make my daily life in Japan wonderful!!


Japanese is difficult, but not impossible, to learn and master. I have studied Japanese for almost 10 years now so I should know. Everyone has their own study style and expectations when they start learning a foreign language. I don't think it's my place to say what is good or what is bad. I think that is up to the individual but perhaps my experience can be of some benefit to the future Japanese students.

I studied Japanese for 5 years at college in the United States. During that time I spent one summer as an exchange student in Japan and another as an intern. During my last 2 years I roomed with a Japanese student. I worked in the U.S. for about 2 years (using no Japanese) before coming to Japan where I have worked and lived for the past four years. I have taken and continue to take weekly Japanese lessons.

When you first start studying Japanese, I think there are many things which must just be memorized. Later as your ability increases it's good to go back and understand the "why" part but at the beginning focusing too much on the "why" can be an impairment. It's a tricky balance.

Using Japanese outside of class is very valuable, too. I was very lucky to room with a Japanese friend and through him meet many other Japanese. My timing was good as well. I don't think I would have gotten as much out of those relationships if I was a beginner. I was at a point where I could pickup new phrases or words gradually and during those two years my Japanese really improved. The same can be said about living in Japan. It's possible to live in Tokyo without speaking or understanding any Japanese. However, if you make the effort to speak and learn as much as possible, it will pay big dividends.
I've been a student at PY for almost 4 years now. What I like most is their flexibility. Flexibility in scheduling and in how classes are taught. Classes can be as demanding or as easy-going as you want. The teachers and staff are always asking for feedback and ways to improve the class and thus help you achieve your Japanese goals.